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Trenching and excavation – avoiding the dangers

The construction industry is full of dangers, both visible and hidden. Whether it is unsecured electrical lines or a falling object, hazards lurk around every corner. That is why, every time you set foot on a job site, you stay alert and follow all of the required safety procedures.

Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions you take, sometimes it is impossible to avoid an accident while on the job.

Can I file a premises liability claim against the government?

Premises liability can be a very difficult situation to figure out, even if it seems like the issue is cut and dry in the state of New York. There are quite a few different things that fall under this legal category, including slip-and-fall accidents, lack of repair, inadequate security, dangerous property conditions, hazardous conditions and much more. The question here is, can I file a premises liability claim against the government?

Premises liability claims come into play when a person is injured on another person or entity's property. For example, the person tripped and fell on a cracked sidewalk, parking lot or other hazard that should not have been there. Most of these claims involve injuries because of the fall that occurred. If a person is injured on government property, their basis for a claim will fall under the New York state immunity laws.

How to protect yourself when working with electricity

Working with electricity is very dangerous, even for the most skilled electricians. You need to take every precaution possible to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you on the work site. Here are some tips for protecting yourself when working with electricity.

The majority of electrical accidents occur because of one of the following three things:

Spotting a distracted driver on the roads of New York

You might think it's difficult for drivers to get distracted when driving on the roads of New York because of all the congestion, but it still happens. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents in the Big Apple and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Here are some tips for spotting distracted drivers so you can avoid a tragic accident.

Should you roll up next to a vehicle where the driver is wearing headphones, it's a good bet he or she is distracted. Think about it; when you wear headphones doesn't your mind wander? The outside world is shut out, especially sounds around you. This means the driver cannot hear the sirens of emergency vehicles or your horn, should you be laying on it because they are swerving towards your vehicle.

Did you get hurt on the job at a construction site?

Imagine you're an average New York City hardhat. You've been working yourself to the bone at city construction jobs for the last 15 years. You've made really good money and learned a lot of valuable skills in the process. You've also been lucky to never suffer any injuries, even though you encounter a lot of potentially fatal dangers every day at work.

However, last week things went differently. You climbed up on a ladder to inspect a caulk job done by one of the guys you manage. It was something you do 20 or 30 times a day, but this time you slipped. There was some wet caulk on one of the rungs of the ladder, your foot slipped out from under you and you took a really bad tumble.

5 tips to stay safe on scaffolding

Scaffolding accidents can result in very serious injuries. When you are working on or around scaffolding, safety is very important. Many accidents happen because scaffolding is not properly assembled. This means that workers on the scaffolding and those working in the area are all at risk. While it is not always possible to prevent every accident, there are things you can do to reduce your risk while working with scaffolding.

If you have been unable to avoid a scaffolding accident while on the job and you have suffered an injury, you might be able to receive workers' compensation benefits. Since the filing process can sometimes be difficult, you may want to consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney in New York. Read further for five tips to increase scaffolding safety.

4 tips to improve ladder safety

As a construction worker, you know that you are at risk every time you set foot on a construction site. You also know that if you are hurt, you may have to miss work for days, weeks or even months. Staying safe on the job is your number one priority every day that you punch your time card. Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions you take, sometimes it is impossible to avoid an accident. When this happens, and you suffer an injury, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. If you have suffered an injury on the job, an experienced attorney in New York can help you file a workers' compensation claim.

One of the leading causes of work-related injuries are ladder accidents. When you are working directly with a ladder, there are certain procedures to follow in order to improve your safety. Read further for four tips to stay safe while using a ladder.

Brooklyn contractor charged with murder for employee's death

Criminal charges have been filed against the 47-year-old owner of two different Brooklyn-based construction firms after one of his company's workers died and two were injured after he demanded that they illegally excavate his land. He had previously been given explicit directives by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) not to do so.

The man's criminal indictment goes on to chronicle how, in the latter part of July of 2015, he began using the labor of grossly inexperienced workers to dig trenches around what was expected to be the perimeter of a new five-story building. While there were building plans that had been previously approved by the DOB, the man instructed workers to not follow them. Instead, they were instructed to excavate beyond the approved perimeter.

How do I avoid truck accidents in New York?

Truck accidents can be some of the most serious types of accidents on the roads of New York. Trucks are markedly larger than cars and SUVs, require more time and space to come to a stop and can tip over when taking a curve at high rates of speed. So, how do I avoid truck accidents when in a car or SUV?

One of the most important safety tips is to never pull in front of a truck and then apply the brakes. Trucks, because of their weight, require a lot more ground to stop than cars. When you do this, you risk the truck plowing right into your vehicle.

Workers' compensation claims involving construction accidents

Construction workers' accidents are a common occurrence across the country, even with the multitude of safety procedures and rules in place. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does all it can to protect the well-being and health of workers at construction sites, but accidents happen. Construction accidents can lead to workers' compensation claims, so here is a brief overview.

An attorney will be able to determine the extent of the liability on your employer in a construction accident, but remember that other parties can also be held accountable. For example, other entities that could be held accountable include property owners, third-party contractors, equipment manufacturers and others.

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