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How many brain injuries are linked to car accidents?

Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most dire results of a car accident. They can be very complex, they can take years to heal -- if they ever do -- and they can be quite costly.

So, how many brain injuries come from car accidents? Vehicle crashes are the third leaning cause, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why do people speed?

The risks of speeding are clear. Your reaction time drops if something unexpected happens. You disrupt the flow of traffic. If you're in an accident, injuries are more likely to be serious or lead to death.

So, why do people keep doing it? Even though they know it's illegal and they face possible traffic tickets every time they do it, they just keep speeding. Below are a few of the top reasons insurance experts have found:

  1. They actually enjoy it. They simply think it's fun to drive fast and they risk their own lives and others for that thrill.
  2. They're curious. Young drivers may be tempted to speed just to go faster than they've ever gone before.
  3. They're impatient. They don't want to be driving. They just want to be at their destination. Speeding shortens the trip.
  4. They're late. Many people who run red lights are trying to push it and get through on the yellow because they don't have time to sit at the light.
  5. They're daydreaming. They don't even realize that they're speeding.
  6. They think they can do whatever they want. They don't care about others or their safety.
  7. They're angry. Road rage sometimes turns into speeding as one driver chases the other.
  8. They're showing off. Again, young drivers may feel like speeding makes them look "cool" to their friends.
  9. They are under the influence. They may be on drugs or they've been drinking alcohol.

A statute of limitations can limit your right to file a lawsuit

When you lose someone you love, it takes time to begin to heal. You may not want to deal with the legal battle you feel is ahead of you right away. It's okay to need time to recover from your loss, but keep in mind that the sooner you file a claim, the better it works in your favor.

When you wait to file a wrongful death lawsuit, you could run out of time to do so. The statute of limitations gives you only a short time to file your claim. Even if you take longer to produce all the information needed for the courts, you need to file the claim as soon as possible.

Do truckers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder can happen after any severely traumatic event. Maybe it's a car accident, maybe it's an assault or maybe it's something like a house fire that you had no control over. Many studies have looked at combat exposure, finding high levels of PTSD in soldiers.

But could truckers face the same issues? Some studies have shown that they can.

5 common types of dangerous drivers

There are passive, safe drivers in the world, but you may feel like they're far less common than they should be. On your daily commute, you feel like everyone is putting you in danger.

You may not be that far off. Below are five common types of potentially dangerous drivers that you want to watch out for and, if you can, avoid.

  • Road rage drivers. They're angry, they take unneeded risks, and they try to escalate any minor situation. In the worst cases, they intentionally cause accidents.
  • Drivers who weave constantly through traffic. They often don't use their blinkers. They're probably in a hurry, passing on both the left and the right.
  • Tailgating drivers. These drivers are also in a hurry, and they're trying to tell you to get out of the way or speed up. By driving so close, they're massively increasing the odds of an accident.
  • Inexperienced drivers. They're young and they'll make easily avoidable mistakes just because they haven't been on the road for long. Ideally, they'll learn from those mistakes, but they may cause a few accidents along the way.
  • Distracted drivers. They're typing in a new address on the GPS, talking on a cellphone or tapping out a text message. They're bored with driving and trying to distract themselves, paying attention to everything but the road.

As a tenant, you have rights if the property causes your injuries

When you moved into your apartment, it looked beautiful. It had no mold, it appeared well kept, it had modernized utilities and you thought everything looked great. You signed the lease and moved in immediately.

It was an unfortunate day when you were showering and had the ceiling collapse on you. Fortunately, your neighbor heard you scream out and called for help. You suffered a concussion and lacerations as a result of the collapse, and now you're interested in what you can do to hold your landlord accountable.

It's illegal to block a fire escape in New York

Fire escapes are an intrinsic part of New York architecture. They've become iconic and they show up prominently in photography, movies, TV shows and other mediums.

It's important to remember that they were originally mandated due to serious fires that trapped residents and workers in their buildings. These tragedies led to a revamping of the law, setting out safety standards to save lives.

Staying safe on your motorcycle over the winter months

Many motorcycle enthusiasts, even the most devoted, will pack their two-wheeled transport away when the temperature starts dropping. Doing so can be a good decision, from a safety standpoint. Those on motorcycles are already at increased risk for serious injuries or even death while driving, compared to those in enclosed passenger vehicles. Combine that risk with sub-optimal winter driving conditions, and the potential for a major accident increases.

Still, there are many perfectly reasonable examples of why someone may not give up one's motorcycle during the winter months. Perhaps the car, truck or SUV is in need of repairs. Perhaps you recently divorced, and you didn't get to keep the car. Maybe you just feel passionately about having ultra-high gas efficiency when you drive. Whatever your reason, you need to take special steps to reduce your risk during the winter months.

File your wrongful death claim quickly to protect your family

When someone makes a mistake, acts negligently or otherwise causes a death, there may be criminal consequences. Sometimes, however, there isn't enough evidence for a conviction. The criminal courts have a high standard for conviction, which requires evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. That can mean that someone whose neglect, willful wrongdoing or mistake cost another's life won't face criminal penalties for what happened.

Thankfully, surviving members of the victim's family can still hold that person accountable. New York law provides for compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit. You can gather evidence about the event leading to the death and records about the financial impact of the death, including information about lost income, documentation of medical and funeral expenses and even proof of secondary losses, like the cost of grief counseling.

Teen misconceptions about speeding could contribute to crashes

When you look into the reasons why teens have such a high car accident rate, many of them could apply to drivers of any age.

For instance, some experts cite speeding, distracted driving and night driving as common contributing factors. While this is certainly true, they're not exclusive to teens. Adults can be distracted by friends or cellphones, they can crash at night when it's harder to see and react to the road around them, and they can break the speed limit.

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