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4 reasons car accidents will always be a problem

We understand the dangers of car accidents all too well. They're a leading cause of injury and death year after year.

When other issues take lives, people respond and take drastic steps. When studies link asbestos to cancer, it's made illegal to use. When head injuries during football games lead to death and long-term cognitive problems, they change the rules of the very game and improve safety gear.

Latino construction workers face increased risk of death

It is tragic to say, but cultural norms that devalue the labor of minorities have profound impacts. For example, in New York City, union construction workers for years have been predominantly Caucasian. Latino construction workers, particularly undocumented workers, are less likely to work on union projects but more likely to suffer a serious injury or death. Often, these accidents were completely preventable and the result of willful violations by employers trying to save a few dollars. According to the most recent statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau Statistics, Latinos had the highesr percentage of fatal work accidents in New York City.

Construction accidents and deaths lead to potential new laws

New York City seems plagued with terrible, fatal construction accidents in recent years. Both 2015 and 2016 saw an average of more than one fatality each month. The rate of accidents has caused concerns among politicians and union representatives. Now, city officials are considering a package of more than twenty new laws aimed at reducing accidents and improving safety for construction workers in New York.

Those who have lost a loved one to a construction accident should speak with an attorney. While these changes may prevent some future accidents, they won't do anything to curtail the losses you've experienced due to a construction site accident.

You deserve legal representation after a motorcycle accident

Driving a motorcycle can be an extraordinary thrill. The fresh air all around you and the feeling of freedom are hard to beat. Compared with a passenger vehicle, motorcycles are more efficient and easy to maneuver. It should come as little surprise, then, that many times accidents involving a motorcycle were the fault of the other driver, not the person on the motorcycle.

If you or someone you love has suffered a motorcycle accident caused by the driver of a larger vehicle, you should speak with an experienced personal injury or wrongful death attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

Did a cellphone distract the other driver in your accident?

Even in the best of circumstances, getting behind the wheel of a car poses risk of personal injury. When you combine that with an exacerbating factor, such as distraction due to texting or social media on a phone, the risk of a serious accident increases. Were you recently in an accident? Do you have reason to believe, either because of what you saw or heard, that the other driver was distracted by his or her cellphone when the accident occurred? If so, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about the details of your accident as soon as possible.

Distracted drivers may pose as much risk to other drivers as those who are chemically impaired by alcohol and illegal drugs. Because of that, there are laws in place to deter drivers from engaging in distracting activities. If another driver caused an accident involving you or a loved one and you believe he or she drove distracted, the driver is potentially liable for the damages and injuries caused.

Escalator issues can cause premises liability

When people think of premises liability, they often don't think about escalators. Elevators are often featured in movies and television shows as failing, dropping or freezing with passengers inside. As a result, few people find the idea that elevators can cause serious liability issues for a company surprising.

Escalators, however, seem so mundane by comparison that few people understand the potential risks and dangers posed by escalators. Injuries are common, and in cases of serious problems or structural failure, people have died on escalators.

Pedestrians injured by moving vehicles can incur serious injury

Traffic in New York can be quite dangerous. Because of scarce parking and aggressive driving, many people prefer to walk, bike or take public transportation (or taxis). While these methods of transportation may reduce your risk of a traffic accident, they don't eliminate it. Many times, an accident involves a motor vehicle and a pedestrian.

If you or someone you love has recently experienced an accident with a vehicle as a pedestrian, you should speak with an experienced personal injury law firm. They can review the details of your situation and provide you with invaluable advice.

Falling snow or ice could lead to premises liability

Living in a city with large buildings can be exhilarating and inspiring. It can also be particularly dangerous when temperatures swing widely between warm and cold. During the frigid winter months, snow and ice accumulate on buildings, their window ledges, eaves and awnings. When temperatures rise, that ice can loosen and suddenly break free, crashing down onto pedestrians, vehicles or another building. The damages caused by falling ice and snow can range from moderate property damages to severe personal injury or even death.

If you or someone you love was struck by falling ice or hardened snow, you should speak with an experienced personal injury law firm right away. They can help you determine if the building's owner may be partially or completely liable for those damages due to premises liability.

Proving fault in a slip and fall case

Slip and fall cases are some of the more challenging ones to fight because proving fault can be very difficult. Determining who is legally responsible is complicated because these types of accidents happen frequently and for countless reasons. Think about how many times you've missed a step, tripped walking up the stairs or slipped on ice. Did those accidents occur because you weren't being careful or paying close enough attention? Or was your slip and fall caused by a negligent property owner?

Should the police always be called after a car accident?

Getting into a car accident is stressful and handling what comes next can be overwhelming. You've never been in an accident before and are unsure of what to do now. Should you call the police? What information needs to be exchanged? When's the best time to make an insurance claim?

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