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Why do people still text while driving?

Texting and driving has gotten to be a bit of an interesting problem, in that people know it's a risk. There are billboards, television commercials, police campaigns and online ads against it.

But, even understanding the risk, people keep doing it. Why is this?

Truckers face the highest risk of drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is by no means limited to truckers. It's far more common than many people realize, and some estimates suggest that around 100,000 car accidents -- and maybe more -- can be traced back to it every single year.

That being said, experts note that the risk is higher for truckers than anyone else. Not only are they on the road for many of their working hours, but deadlines and obligations mean they can't avoid those shifts when they're tired.

4 critical facts about construction fall accidents

You watch a co-worker fall on a construction site. It's terrifying, and it's not even that far of a fall. It all happens so quickly. Everything is fine, he's grinning and talking about the next step in the job, and then he's gone.

For a gut-wrenching moment, you don't know if he's alive or not. You constantly replay the events in your mind to see if you could have done anything. Meanwhile, emergency crews rush him to the hospital. He survives, but his injuries are serious.

How common are workplace amputations?

Workplace amputations have been declining over the years, but they are still fairly common.

For example, between 1992 and 1999, a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that there were an average of over 11,000 amputations every single year. That was just counting nonfatal incidents. There were an additional 21 annual amputations that turned fatal, on average, in that same time frame.

Wet autumn road conditions increase chances of a major car crash

When people think of serious weather conditions that can impact driving, they often think of sleet, snow and ice. Others may think of the downpour rains that often arrive with spring. Very few people stop to think about the dangers specific to autumn. Because of that lack of consideration, drivers may not adjust their practices to optimize safety in the fall. This can lead to serious, even fatal, crashes.

Although fall often starts out like a slightly cooler version of the summer, full of sunshine and beautiful breezes, the full force of the season typically impacts the roads in New York. When it does, drivers, pedestrians and bikers need to be ready for the potential increase in crashes and mediocre driving conditions.

Fatal bus accident caught on tape

A surveillance camera recorded a deadly bus accident in Queens. Three people were killed in the wreck, which was between a city bus and a charter bus.

In the video, one of the buses comes up to an intersection and starts to drive through it when it is hit by the other vehicle.

Is an airbag the most crucial safety feature in your car?

You know that an airbag can save your life in an accident. Does that make it the most important safety device in your vehicle?

Certainly, it is very important. However, experts note that it's not the most important one. That title still goes to an even older device: The seat belt.

Rising truck accident statistics are linked to the economy

A lot of drivers fear semi trucks, and with good reason. Due to the size difference in the vehicles, an accident involving a truck puts the other driver in significant danger.

It's also worth pointing out that this fear could be rooted in the fact that truck accidents have been rising in this decade. The odds of being hurt or killed are trending in the opposite direction of most accident statistics, which tend to fall over time.

4 passengers and driver seriously hurt in fiery crash

A crash in Queens sent five people to the hospital. All of the injuries are described as serious, and the driver's injuries are critical -- though he had survived in the incident as of the latest reports.

The wreck happened when a white Chevrolet Sonic went out of control, rammed into three different parked vehicles, and did not stop until the front end was crushed up against a light post. Pictures show that the front of the car is completely mangled, and it caught on fire after the initial crash.

3 reasons workers don't use fall protection gear

Fall protection gear is critical in the construction industry, as falls are one of the top causes of injury and death year after year. Working at heights is unavoidable in this line of employment, so that fall risk isn't going anywhere. Plus, workers don't have to fall from a high-rise project to get injured. Just falling 10 feet off of a single-story home can be deadly.

Even so, workers often neglect to use their fall protection gear. If companies want to increase the usage rates, they must know why this keeps happening. Per Occupational Health and Safety, here are three of the top reasons:

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