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A statute of limitations can limit your right to file a lawsuit

When you lose someone you love, it takes time to begin to heal. You may not want to deal with the legal battle you feel is ahead of you right away. It's okay to need time to recover from your loss, but keep in mind that the sooner you file a claim, the better it works in your favor.

Staying safe on your motorcycle over the winter months

Many motorcycle enthusiasts, even the most devoted, will pack their two-wheeled transport away when the temperature starts dropping. Doing so can be a good decision, from a safety standpoint. Those on motorcycles are already at increased risk for serious injuries or even death while driving, compared to those in enclosed passenger vehicles. Combine that risk with sub-optimal winter driving conditions, and the potential for a major accident increases.

File your wrongful death claim quickly to protect your family

When someone makes a mistake, acts negligently or otherwise causes a death, there may be criminal consequences. Sometimes, however, there isn't enough evidence for a conviction. The criminal courts have a high standard for conviction, which requires evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. That can mean that someone whose neglect, willful wrongdoing or mistake cost another's life won't face criminal penalties for what happened.

Wet autumn road conditions increase chances of a major car crash

When people think of serious weather conditions that can impact driving, they often think of sleet, snow and ice. Others may think of the downpour rains that often arrive with spring. Very few people stop to think about the dangers specific to autumn. Because of that lack of consideration, drivers may not adjust their practices to optimize safety in the fall. This can lead to serious, even fatal, crashes.

3 reasons workers don't use fall protection gear

Fall protection gear is critical in the construction industry, as falls are one of the top causes of injury and death year after year. Working at heights is unavoidable in this line of employment, so that fall risk isn't going anywhere. Plus, workers don't have to fall from a high-rise project to get injured. Just falling 10 feet off of a single-story home can be deadly.

Forklift safety tips to stay safe on the job

Driving a forklift may seem like one of the easiest aspect of your job, especially when you compare it to operating other pieces of heavy machinery. Even though a forklift may not come with the same hazards you might face when operating a backhoe, it is still important to use proper safety techniques. Like many other pieces of equipment on the job site, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulates how workers use forklifts. Following the regulations properly can be the difference between life and death.

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