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Unavoidably unsafe products can still lead to lawsuits

Products on the market are assumed to be as safe as possible for the consumers who will use them. Some products can't reasonably be manufactured without any risks simply because of the nature of the intended use. These are known as unavoidably unsafe products. Even when injuries occur for these reasons, there is a chance that victims might seek compensation via third-party claims.

Some products that might be dangerous even when they are put out on the market include power tools and equipment used in the construction industry. There are several points that come up when an injured worker chooses to pursue a claim for compensation in one of these cases.

Commercial truck crashes can lead to devastating injuries

The devastation that comes along with a commercial truck collision is undeniable. Many of these accidents cause catastrophic injuries that dramatically change the course of a person's life. When the injuries are very serious, such as traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, the victim might be unable to work. This can mean that the income you have stops immediately.

When you weren't the person who caused the accident, you might decide that you are going to seek compensation from the person who did cause the crash. This can help you to cover the cost of the medical care, lost wages and other financial impacts of the crash. We know that this isn't going to take care of all the effects of the crash, but it is a start.

How do other vehicles cause semi-trucks to crash?

As people take the roads this weekend, everyone needs to remember that safety when driving is the No. 1 concern while they are behind the wheel. There are still going to be semi-trucks on the roads and other vehicles can do things that lead these large vehicles to cause accidents.

These big rigs take more distance than other vehicles to stop. Even though truckers are trained to handle these challenges, they can't stop every accident from occurring. All drivers on the road need to exercise extra caution when they are out on the busy interstates with these vehicles this weekend.

Ceiling collapses can stem from a variety of causes

When you walk into a building, you don't expect that the ceiling will collapse. This happens more often than you might realize. Whether the issue is due to improper maintenance or a defect in construction, the injuries that result can range from minor to fatal.

One of the primary questions that comes up in these cases is what caused the ceiling to collapse. For the victims of the ceiling collapse, this point alone can have a significant impact on the case that results from the accident.

Attractive nuisances can be a real problem this summer

Summer days and evenings are sometimes filled with the sounds of children playing outside. Many parents don't think too much about this happening since it is just a normal part of childhood. While the rate of children roaming neighborhoods unsupervised has decreased, it is still important for property owners to take stock of what on their property might lead to a child suffering an injury.

A legal concept known as attractive nuisances provides some protection for children; however, this concept doesn't place a hardship on a property owner to childproof the property. There are two main components to the simplified version of this concept.

Trucking crashes might end in a settlement

Big rig accidents can stem from a host of causes. It is important that truckers take the time to drive safely. Trying to rush can lead to some serious incidents that might lead to innocent people dying or suffering life-changing injuries. In these cases, the person who is injured or the family members of a person who was killed might choose to take legal action.

Personal injury claims against trucking companies aren't always easy. One thing that might occur is that you may be able to work out a settlement. This is often a much less expensive way to handle the matter and it is often a faster resolution. If you are considering this option, make sure that you are thinking clearly about what is being offered. You don't want to agree to something that doesn't adequately compensate you.

5 safety tips to keep objects on construction sites from falling

You're walking home from work when you pass a construction site. There are fences up, but you still have to walk on the sidewalk directly below the scaffold system. As you walk through, checking your email on your phone, something falls to the ground and shatters on the pavement right behind you. You barely have time to look up when something else hits you on the shoulder.

As you recover in the hospital, you are well aware that your injuries could have been far more severe. In fact, you could have been killed. Even so, you now have unpaid medical bills and you're missing time from work.

Truckers who are fatigued must stay off the roads

All drivers should make sure that they are awake and ready for the road before they get behind the wheel. Anyone who is feeling fatigued shouldn't try to drive because they are putting their own life and the life of anyone else who is on the road in danger.

People might think that truckers are immune to feelings of fatigue, but this isn't the case. Just because they drive a lot doesn't mean that they can do so safely when they are feeling fatigued. The weight and size of those trucks makes them an even bigger danger to others.

Construction accidents can lead to lawsuits

Being injured while you are working is a difficult situation to handle. On the one hand, you need to work. On the other hand, you might not be able to continue with the shift. It is imperative that you get the medical care that you need to ensure that you are on the path to healing. We know that this has to be your focus now. We can help you with the legal claims that you might need to make in connection with the injury and accident.

When you do suffer an accident at work, you need to think carefully about your next steps. You may be tempted to try to return to work as soon as possible, even if it means going against your doctor's instructions. This can be disastrous to you. Instead, you need to follow the instructions that your doctor provides since this is what is necessary to encourage healing.

Beware of older model cars: They aren't as safe as you may think

People tend to gravitate toward older cars for a variety of reasons. The joy of driving a vintage car can't be denied.

It is easy to understand why so many people purchase used cars. They are often less expensive to purchase and might be easier to fix. Handing keys to a good, used car to your teenage driver helps them gain their independence and can help you out some. After all, most people don't want to put an inexperienced teenage driver behind the wheel of a new vehicle that still have tens of thousands of dollars in payments due, but putting money before safety might be necessary.

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