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Pileup in New York involves over 75 vehicles

A huge winter pileup in New York involved over 75 different vehicles, according to reports and videos from the scene.

It appears that there was one initial car accident at the front of the major wreck. This crash caused the drivers behind it to slam on their brakes, but they were all driving in whiteout conditions. Drivers coming up on the back of the pileup had no idea it was there until they were driving and sliding right into it.

10 tips for winter truck driving

Driving in the ice and snow is never easy, but truckers often have to brave it daily during New York winters. To stay safe, they need to be prepared for the changes of the season.

Below are 10 important tips that can help truckers avoid accidents during the coldest months of the year.

  1. Try to stay out of ruts. Other cars warm up the snow in the ruts, which freezes into ice.
  2. Clean the truck completely of snow before leaving the dock.
  3. Be extra careful when exiting or entering an interstate. These sharp turns can be hazardous even if the highway itself was clear.
  4. Remember that a bridge really does freeze over before the road. Ice could suddenly become a factor.
  5. Don't use cruise control. It's easier to take your foot off the gas in an emergency.
  6. Brake early at intersections. These can have extra ice and the increased traffic makes a crash more likely.
  7. Prepare for wind that winter storms bring along. It can push the truck, which is dangerous on ice and slush.
  8. Look for hazards, like another driver with a snow-covered window or a car buried in snow right on the side of the road.
  9. Give other drivers a cushion. Stay farther back so that you can actually stop in time if need be.
  10. Above all else, slow down. Ignore any temptation to rush. Understand that delays may happen. Speed is the biggest hazard in poor conditions.

Teen killed when drunk friend flips his car

A teen from Brooklyn went and visited his mother for Christmas, giving her a silver bracelet. Roughly 24 hours later, he was dead and she held the bracelet tightly, the last memento of their time together.

The young man, who was just 17 years old, got into a car with his friend, who was 22. That friend had been drinking, but was driving his 2004 Mazda sedan despite being intoxicated.

Who is most likely to get into a car crash?

Could your choice of profession, place of residence, marital status and education level be indicators of your risk of getting into a car accident? According to insurance industry statistics, there is a clear relationship between the likelihood of a car accident and certain personal characteristics.

The information that follows is based on the prices that insurance companies charge based on different personal characteristics.

Accidental fatalities and wrongful death claims

An accidental death, in many cases, is nothing more than that: an accident. As hard as it is to accept the loss of someone important to us, fatal accidents happen every day throughout the world.

Sometimes, however, a wrongfully acting, negligent or unlawfully acting individual or business causes a fatal event to occur. In these situations, surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim. But how do you evaluate the viability of a particular wrongful death case?

How fast does snow have to be cleared in New York City?

Obviously, property owners can't clear snow instantly. If a storm sweeps in while someone is at work or asleep, it's unreasonable to expect them to take action right away.

That said, a lot of slip-and-fall-accidents are caused by snow and ice that has not be promptly removed. As such, the city has clear regulations about when snow must be removed. It all depends when it stops falling. The two basic rules are as follows:

  • If snowfall ends between 5:00 p.m. and 8:59 p.m., the snow has to be removed within the next 14 hours.
  • If snowfall ends between 7:00 a.m. and 4:49 p.m., it must be cleared away in the next four hours.

Construction injuries spurred by communication failures

A failure to communicate properly on a construction site can lead to serious injuries and accidents.

For example, workers at heights may not listen when told how to secure their tools. They do it improperly and then a tool falls and strikes a worker below; he or she is taken to the hospital with a head injury. Or, workers are not told when heavy equipment is going to be operating in a certain area. The operator thinks the area is clear and accidentally strikes two of the workers, killing one and sending the other to the hospital.

How many brain injuries are linked to car accidents?

Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most dire results of a car accident. They can be very complex, they can take years to heal -- if they ever do -- and they can be quite costly.

So, how many brain injuries come from car accidents? Vehicle crashes are the third leaning cause, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why do people speed?

The risks of speeding are clear. Your reaction time drops if something unexpected happens. You disrupt the flow of traffic. If you're in an accident, injuries are more likely to be serious or lead to death.

So, why do people keep doing it? Even though they know it's illegal and they face possible traffic tickets every time they do it, they just keep speeding. Below are a few of the top reasons insurance experts have found:

  1. They actually enjoy it. They simply think it's fun to drive fast and they risk their own lives and others for that thrill.
  2. They're curious. Young drivers may be tempted to speed just to go faster than they've ever gone before.
  3. They're impatient. They don't want to be driving. They just want to be at their destination. Speeding shortens the trip.
  4. They're late. Many people who run red lights are trying to push it and get through on the yellow because they don't have time to sit at the light.
  5. They're daydreaming. They don't even realize that they're speeding.
  6. They think they can do whatever they want. They don't care about others or their safety.
  7. They're angry. Road rage sometimes turns into speeding as one driver chases the other.
  8. They're showing off. Again, young drivers may feel like speeding makes them look "cool" to their friends.
  9. They are under the influence. They may be on drugs or they've been drinking alcohol.

A statute of limitations can limit your right to file a lawsuit

When you lose someone you love, it takes time to begin to heal. You may not want to deal with the legal battle you feel is ahead of you right away. It's okay to need time to recover from your loss, but keep in mind that the sooner you file a claim, the better it works in your favor.

When you wait to file a wrongful death lawsuit, you could run out of time to do so. The statute of limitations gives you only a short time to file your claim. Even if you take longer to produce all the information needed for the courts, you need to file the claim as soon as possible.

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