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October 2014 Archives

East Harlem park presents premises liabilities

A park in East Harlem has become a haven for addicts and the homeless, according to New York City officials and local residents alike. The dangerous property conditions present in the park could cause a visitor to be injured and give rise to premises liability claims against the city.

New York City speed limits lowered to 25 mph

There have been many high profile car accidents in New York City lately that resulted in the deaths of pedestrians, children and multiple members of families. The New York City Council is taking steps to reduce the incidence of car accidents that claim lives.

Manhattan premises liability cases demand action

The streets of New York City can be fraught with peril. You don't necessarily have to be a victim of a crime to suffer injuries; New Yorkers are exposed to many hazardous conditions caused by property owners not properly maintaining their premises to ensure the safety of their customers and others.

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