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Premises Liability: Elevator Accidents

Millions of people call New York City home, and the thriving metropolis is known for its many skyscrapers and multi-story hotels and apartment buildings. Elevators are a way of life in New York City, and many people experience being stuck on an elevator from time to time. However, sometimes these incidents do much more damage than making a person late for work.

Elevator accidents can include a person getting a limb trapped in a defective door, electrocution from poorly maintained electrical systems and even slip and fall accidents from improperly aligned floors. In busy company offices, elevators can run almost constantly all day long, putting more wear and tear on the components and possibly meaning the elevator requires servicing and maintenance more often than the standard.

It is also possible for an elevator to be used so infrequently that the property owner is negligent in making sure it is in running condition until an unsuspecting visitor is injured. While residents or employees who use elevators every day may certainly be at risk of an accident, construction workers also have a particularly high risk level because they are often working close to live wires or unfinished floors.

When an elevator accident does occur and someone is injured, the victims may have legal grounds to file a suit against any applicable responsible parties. While who is named as a defendant largely depends on the specifics of the case, possibilities include the elevator manufacturer, the company responsible for servicing the elevator or the property owner. Call our office today to begin getting a better understanding of your options.