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Deadly Crash on New York’s George Washington Bridge

Lanes on the George Washington Bridge in New York were closed for nine hours, causing huge backups in the traffic, after there was a deadly accident. According to the Port Authority, the accident took place around two thirty in the morning, and the backup was still significant, judging from news photos taken on the scene, at around six o’clock.

The accident happened when two trucks slammed into each other on the bridge. It is not entirely clear why they crashed, but, in such a small space, the trucks wedged into one another and blocked off the road.

One of the drivers passed away from the crash, while the other was injured. He had to be taken to a hospital, where his condition will be evaluated.

Officials kept some lanes closed as they worked to get the trucks apart. They also had to take the body of the man who died from the scene. They were finally able to open the bridge up again before noon.

The backup on the bridge had a ripple effect for miles along the road, even impacting some of those who sought different routes.

At this time, the driver who was at fault was not reported, though that could be determined as the crash is investigated.

This determination will be important for the driver who was injured in the crash or for the family of the driver who passed away. After car accidents take place, the parties who were involved but who were not at fault may want to look into their legal rights to compensation regarding the loss of a loved one or their medical bills.

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