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Construction Worker Deaths in New York City Down in 2013

Each day in New York City there is some type of construction going on. While this activity is vital to maintaining and improving the city it does not go on without some risk. Accidents at construction sites that result in injuries to workers are all too common of an occurrence. In the worst cases the incidents result in death. These incidents are the result of many things including issues with equipment, falling objects and worker falls.

It was recently announced that despite more building permits being issued, 2013 reported fewer construction worker deaths than the previous year. It was down five, to a total of three. That is a reduction of 62.5 percent. All of the deaths in 2013 were the result of falls. The number of individuals injured on construction sites in 2013 was actually up by 12 or 4.3 percent as compared to 2012. This information was provided by the New York City Buildings Acting Commissioner.

The New York City Buildings Department believes actions it took could be looked to for reasons the number of deaths dropped last year. Over the course of the last few years the department has:

  • Launched a multi-lingual program focused on preventing worker falls.
  • Accepted and reviewed 3D site safety plans.
  • Increased the number of inspectors on staff.
  • Implemented many new construction safety laws.

When a New York City construction worker is hurt in a workplace accident, that individual may find that he or she is unable to work while recovering. In these instances the thought of not having a paycheck coming in can be frightening. This is particularly true while medical bills continue to accumulate. In these situations it may be possible to the injured workers to secure workers’ compensation benefits.

Source: Occupational Health & Safety, “NYC Construction Deaths Fell 62 Percent Last Year,” March 17, 2014