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9-Year-Old Girl Killed in Brooklyn Car Crash Mourned by Family

There is nothing more tragic than the death of an innocent child. When it happens, friends and family mourn, and even those who never met the child feel a sense of loss and sadness. This held true in a recent Brooklyn car accident where a 9-year-old girl was killed. Five others were injured in the same accident.

The girl had been riding in a Hyundai sedan. Suddenly, a driver in a Honda minivan, according to allegations, hit the Hyundai while traveling through Canarsie on Remsen Avenue. The Honda also plowed into a Toyota van.

When the Honda hit the Hyundai that the girl was in, it tore the roof off. When that occurred, the girl and other passengers were pinned inside. They were cut free and quickly taken to Brookdale Hospital.

Along with the girl and two of the other passengers in the Hyundai, three passengers in the Toyota were also taken to the hospital. Except for the girl, everyone was listed as being in stable condition. The girl, however, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The minivan had allegedly been in another unrelated accident just moments before the one in which the girl died. In the earlier crash, referred to in published reports as a minor wreck, police tried to stop the minivan at first. However, they didn’t pursue when in sped off.

The minivan driver, 62, has been arrested. A native of Huntington, he faces multiple charges. Meanwhile, those injured in the case are dealing with the physical repercussions. Of course, the family of the girl who was killed are dealing with a profound tragedy.

New York car accidents often result in injuries and sometimes deaths. While taking care of medical needs first, those injured or the relatives of those who were killed in such accidents can seek legal recourse. That includes seeking compensation in civil court for their injuries, damages and losses.

Source:  NBC New York, “Family Mourns Girl, 9, Who Died in Brooklyn Car Crash” Ida Siegal, May. 06, 2014