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Veteran and Graduate Killed in Motorcycle Crash

A young man with a promising future was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident after leaving his family graduation celebration to get a hair cut.

The 30-year-old and his family from Lemont Township were gathering at a local neighborhood restaurant to honor the young man who had struggled through school but had achieved a degree in architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The occasion began on a light note of happiness, but later changed to one of tragic loss.

The graduate had been out with his father and family having a good time. When the young man announced he was going on his motorcycle to get a hair cut, no one could have imagined he would not return. Now the family, once celebratory, is grieving their loss.

According to investigating officers, the graduate was struck on his motorcycle by a female driver making a left turn. Reports claim it was her fault. The family harbors no ill will towards the woman causing the accident. His father stated she would have to live with her actions for the rest of her life and the indelible mark on her conscience would haunt her.

The deceased had struggled academically in high school, later joining the Marines and serving in Iraq. After serving his country, he found his vocation in architecture and drawing. He had been excited about continuing his education in the fall and studying in graduate school.

Upon viewing the wreckage of his son’s motorcycle, his father was struck by the grim reality of his son’s fate. A younger sibling hung some mementos on the cycle to honor his deceased brother.

Motorcycle accidents in any major city in the U.S. causes undue hardship and grief to the surviving family members. If you live an urban area such as Chicago or New York, you may have a loved one who rides a motorcycle.

While enjoyable, motorcycle accidents can be a leading cause of highway fatalities. If you have lost someone in a motorcycle accident, you deserve to speak with a person who can advise you about your legal rights. While it can never replace a life, it may provide you some comfort in covering expenses and damages following your tragic loss.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Lemont Veteran Dies In Motorcycle Crash Ahead Of Graduation From U Of I” Steve Miller, May. 18, 2014