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Freak Construction Site Accident Kills Truck Driver

Earlier this month, a man working as an independent contractor for George Hildebrandt Inc, a New York-based trucking company, was killed in a freak accident across the river in Jersey City.

The Somerdale, New Jersey, man was making a delivery of National Gypsum drywall to a construction site in downtown Jersey City where two 50-story residential towers are being erected. He died when a construction worker 50 stories above the ground lost the one-pound tape measure that was tethered to his workman’s belt. A spokesperson for Jersey City Public Safety said that the tape dislodged and struck some equipment before bouncing off and striking the man on his head.

The Public Safety Director for Jersey City said, “[u]pon preliminary investigation, it appears to be a very tragic accident.” The truck driver was taken to Jersey City Medical Center and pronounced dead at 10 a.m.

According to police, the truck driver was not wearing a hard hat on the construction site. Following the fatal accident, work at the site was halted.

Employers have the duty to keep their workplace free of hazards and make sure that all employees abide by all safety regulations and requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Being injured on the job or losing a loved one, especially if he or she is the primary breadwinner, can be catastrophic.

Under most circumstances, injured workers are entitled to compensation for on-the-job injuries. Survivors of those killed while working may be entitled to benefits as well. However, sometimes companies balk at making settlements or paying claims. If you find yourself in such a situation, you may wish to contact a New York City personal injury attorney to join you in your fight for justice and fair compensation.

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