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The Causes of Motorcycle Accidents With Injuries

Motorcycle aficionados like nothing better than to tool around New York City on their two-wheelers. But there is no doubt that experiencing that thrill can be potentially quite dangerous and even life-threatening in some instances.

Statistical data reflects that approximately 70 percent of all bike wrecks are caused by drivers of vehicles who fail to see or acknowledge motorcyclists at night or in congested traffic conditions. Other causes of motorcycle crashes include:

— Lack of riding skills

— Inattentive drivers

— Poor road conditions

— Undivided highways

— Failing to wear protective gear like helmets and leathers

— Inclement weather conditions

— Aggressive driving

— Speeding

— Alcohol

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System indicates that frequently in motorcycle fatalities, alcohol is present in the blood in high levels.

The very same freedom from restraint that motorcyclists like about riding their two-wheelers is what exposes them to the most danger. Even when wearing an approved helmet and other cycling gear, any spill onto the roadway is bad news for the rider. Hitting a pothole at high speed or swerving out of the way of a distracted driver sending a text can cause disfiguring and incapacitating injuries.

But even when the motorcycle rider is doing everything he or she can to be safe on the highways and byways, there is no way to guarantee that the actions of other drivers will be safe. If you are injured on your motorcycle due to another driver’s negligence or inattentiveness, you may be able to pursue a civil claim and receive compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering.

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