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Manhattan Premises Liability Cases Demand Action

The streets of New York City can be fraught with peril. You don’t necessarily have to be a victim of a crime to suffer injuries; New Yorkers are exposed to many hazardous conditions caused by property owners not properly maintaining their premises to ensure the safety of their customers and others.

Perhaps you walked into a salon, slipped on some water on the floor and broke a hip. The business owner and/or the property owner may be liable for your medical bills, time away from work, pain, suffering and other damages.

If you were hit by an errant punch in a nightclub or bar as a result of a melee, you may have a cause of action against the owners for not hiring adequate security to prevent an outbreak of violence on the premises.

Maybe you suffered injuries while riding in a malfunctioning elevator in your apartment building. The owner of the property and the building management company may be civilly liable for the elevator accident that left you in pain and suffering from serious injuries.

Our New York City law firm has the experience and knowledge to take on premises liability cases of all kinds, including

— Accidents on sidewalks

— Collapsing stairs or ceilings

— Inadequate or negligent security

— Drownings in pools

— Slip and falls

— Hot water burns

— Exploding boilers

— Dog bites

It doesn’t matter if the accident occurred in a private residence, industrial site, public park, commercial building or parking lot. If negligence occurred, it was somebody’s job to maintain those premises. If they ignore their duty and you get hurt, they should be made to compensate you.

Our job is to fight for the maximum compensation for you and preserve evidence supporting your allegations. Acting swiftly prevents unscrupulous property owners to engage in cover-ups to hide their liability. Additionally, statutory time restraints limit the time you have to file a claim seeking compensation.

Contact us so we can take the necessary actions to get you the financial compensation to which you are entitled.