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Tips for Surviving a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle enthusiasts dread thinking about the possibility of a wreck on their bikes, but the reality is that many motorcyclists are killed each year riding the roads. Is there any way to increase their chances for surviving a motorcycle wreck or escaping serious injuries?

There may be, actually, even going beyond the obvious steps of wearing an approved helmet and boots and leather gear for protection. Below are some tips to increase your survival chances in a crash.

— Cars have blind spots and many drivers are oblivious to motorcyclists, so avoid positioning your motorcycle where it can’t be seen.

— Be alert for road hazards like spilled oil and dead animals.

— Brake prior to entering turns and accelerate or coast through them to remain balanced.

— Align your motorcycle with the outer tires of the car ahead. If they swerve to miss debris, you might be able to avoid it too.

— When a wreck is inevitable, your best bet is to slow your speed and then lay the bike down. You want to be as far away from moving projectile as possible while staying out of the way of traffic.

— Release the bike and kick or push it away.

— Hollywood stuntmen learn to relax during falls and other stunts to minimize the potential for broken bones. You should attempt to do the same by not stiffening your limbs before impact.

–Try to remain immobile after the crash until help arrives in order to keep from worsening your injuries.

Surviving the initial crash is just the first step in what may be a long road to recovery. Medical and therapy bills can mount up, and injured riders might not be able to work for an extended time. In order to make ends meet, it may be necessary to file suit against the at-fault driver.

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