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Do You Know What to Do After a Car Accident?

There are some definite “do’s and don’ts” to follow after being involved in a car wreck. Doing the wrong thing or failing to do the right thing can make getting any recovery from the accident much more difficult.

Below are some tips to keep in mind if you wind up in a collision.

— While still at the scene, snap cellphone pictures of the position of the vehicles, license plate numbers, skid marks, etc.

— Notify your insurance company that you were involved in an accident as soon as as practical.

— Prior to notifying them, however, take the time to read and understand your car insurance policy, what it covers and excludes in an accident.

— When you speak to an insurance agent, jot down notes as you speak and write down the contact information of those to whom you speak, including supervisors.

— Remember that some additional coverage may be provided under a homeowner’s policy or credit card; investigate all potential sources.

— Tell the truth to the police and your insurer. Lying can only get you in trouble and may result in coverage being denied.

— Keep receipts for expenses related to injuries, treatment and pursual of your claim. This may include tolls, lodging, meals and other costs.

— You have the right to deny permission for an insurance company to record your conversations about the accident.

— Insurance companies always throw out lowball offers first. Don’t take the bait.

— Don’t sign a release or waiver or cash a check marked “final payment” until you have sought legal advice. You may be entitled to a good deal more.

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