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Safety Tips for Driving Near Large Trucks

Living or working in New York is a thrill that many get to experience during their lifetime. The city has so much to offer people of all ages, but it can also be dangerous, especially when on the roads. Here are some important safety tips for driving near large trucks on the roads of the city.

A large number of streets in New York are narrow. You should be mindful of trucks approaching a street wishing to make a right turn. If you are sitting at the stop light on the street, be sure to leave plenty of room for the truck to make the turn onto your street. Trucks made wide right turns, requiring a turning radius of 55 feet, so position your vehicle appropriately to avoid getting hit.

Tailgating is a no-no when on the roads and this is even more important when driving behind a truck. Crashing into the back of a truck with little room to stop can end tragically for you, your passengers and other on the road around you.

Avoid the truck’s blind spots as much as possible. At times, this can be impossible due to traffic. A truck has blind spots on all four sides, which the ones on the left and right of the truck being the worst. If you cannot see the driver in the mirror of the truck, the truck driver will not be able to see you.

How do you practice safe driving in New York? Operating a small vehicle near a large truck can be very dangerous. Victims of New York truck accidents can learn about their rights and how they can receive compensation for their injuries by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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